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October 5, 2009

Ajo Blanco

Carlos Solis

“This is a little bit of a shocking soup.  As a consequence, you might want to tone down the garlic and sherry vinegar a bit, but I find it to be therapeutic, invigorating even.  And here’s how…”

1 c. blanched almonds

4 slices de-crusted white bread

5 garlic cloves

5 tbsp. olive oil

1 ½ c. cold water

3 tbsp. sherry vinegar

1 c. seedless green grapes

Soak the plain bread in ice water until it becomes fulfilled.  [Editor’s note: I couldn’t invent this stuff if I tried.]

Cut bunches of the grapes in half.  They’re best in your mouth this way, and I prefer total grape saturation in the soup to balance it and to allow for the seepage of grape juices when chilling.

Blend almonds, bread and garlic in food processor.  Thick.  Blend in olive oil slowly.  Pasty.  Add water and sherry vinegar, make it smooth and soupy.  Salt?

Grapes in.  Chill it.


Orchestra Baobab, “Sutukun”

Cuerdas Borinquén, “Seis Chorreao”



October 4, 2009

[Hit play on the blue jukebox, top right, for explanation of above title]

Since I’ll likely be writing this first entry for “an audience of one,” I’ll just say, in my favorite color turquoise:

H  E  L  L  O  !

…and share a few words (and a necessary caveat for any blogger) from writer/physician William Carlos Williams: “Nine tenths of our lives is well forgotten in the living.  Of the part that is remembered, the most had better not be told.  It would interest no one, or at least would not contribute to the story of what we ourselves have been.  To us, however, such hours have been sweet. They constitute our particular treasure, and that is all, justly, we should offer.”



Well said, William.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I am most excited to begin this undertaking, and will do my best to keep it worthwhile, and concise.